Bespoke Solutions

Think about your ideal security set up… No matter how complicated it may seem we can confidently say we are fully capable of creating the ultimate system, bespoke for you.

Anything we design will interface amongst each other, operating timer delays from two milliseconds to two hours, input, output and controls that switch from 250milli amps to 100 amps for smooth door operation, building shutdown, lighting operations and perimeter control. Our specialist team design and build unique systems that will meet every individual requirement.

Some examples of systems that we can design for your company are:

· Doors, gates, turnstiles, speed gates and internal or external barrier control systems where the hardware of your door is incompatible with software access control systems.

· Interfacing between two separate security and fire alarm systems which have a need to communicate together in a shared facility and/or need to report back to a central control point or security control center.

· Unique Gas or plant control systems.

· BMS lighting control and phased lighting control.

· Biometric security operations that only unlock particular areas for clients, often those that require authorized access for separate individuals.

· CCTV and gate control systems at sites that need to be controlled remotely.


Whether you would like your coffee machine to turn on when you open the door or you need your security to patch through to an external office we cover everything you could possibly envisage.
Contact us today to link in with arguably the best bespoke security solutions in the UK.